Watch for all occasions

horween leatherstrap luxury watch watchstrap

A good watch must have the proper strap to accent the watch face.  The watch is pieced with a Horween leather watch band handcrafted by myself. Timex Weekender

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Project i

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Grunge Chic Clutch

chic clutch

The Morgan The piece that is shown will be a spring piece from a small collection called ' Vine Noir'.  Vine Noir will feature pieces that require you to wrap leather around once or two for closure.  Inspiration for this collection came from a love of nature and how vines grow in sequence.  Its a small sized rustic chic clutch or as some say 'LBC' Little Black Clutch.  

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I Love sk8Hi's


You can never go wrong with a pair of sk8 hi's ever in life. Let alone Vans

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What is Style


Style is one of many expressions that we use to project who we are. Style can also be how one carries themselves (ie mannerism, walk, talk, and body language ).  Anyone can be cool but not everyone has style.  Style for me comes from personal growth, learning and developing ones taste for information and life.  Through those things, exposure is amongst the greatest tools to achieve taste, whether its travel, food, fashion, music or art it all coincides.  Some strive for attention and spotlight we as others strive to be understood and present individuality to the forefront.   STYLE IS...

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